Stop Trump’s Sneaky Attempt to Halt Environmental Protections

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is reviewing how it analyzes the costs and benefits of commonsense environmental protections.

Studies have found $13 in benefits for every $1 spent complying with the EPA’s recent, major rules.

Despite this success, President Donald Trump wants to rig this system to put big polluters’ interests above the safety of the American people.

The end result will be fewer environmental protections because corporate polluters will be able to game the rulemaking process to downplay benefits to the public.

Click here and a new window will open to the EPA comment site. From there you can submit a comment urging the agency to keep Big Polluters’ hands off of our environmental protections.

Below is a sample comment, but we strongly encourage you to write in your own words why you oppose this new rule, which would make it harder for the EPA to protect the environment. Please note that these comments will be made public.

I am concerned that this new cost/benefit analysis policy is an attempt by industry lobbyists to game the rulemaking process and eliminate environmental protections.

The EPA exists to protect Americans from harmful pollution, not to serve industries that would financially benefit from deregulation.

I urge the EPA not to make this change and instead remain focused on protecting the health of our communities instead of corporate profits.

Thank you.

Click here to submit your comment on the EPA's site.