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Assistant Senate Majority Leader Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) and Senator Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) have introduced the bipartisan Fair Elections Now Act. This bill addresses the fundamental problem of money and its influence in elections. It offers a fundamental solution: the public funding of congressional elections.

This is a historic opportunity to take back control of our elections. Please join us in signing on as a "citizen co-sponsor" of this groundbreaking legislation!


I support the Fair Elections Now Act (S.1285), the bipartisan bill introduced in the U.S. Senate that would create a voluntary system of publicly funded elections. Elections should empower voters and volunteers instead of campaign donors and wealthy special interests. Modeled on the successful Clean Elections programs in cities and states around the country, the Fair Elections Now Act would give congressional candidates an opportunity to win elections by speaking with constituents to earn their trust, respect and votes instead of by chasing campaign dollars. At a time when scandal and corruption sometimes appear to touch all levels of government, I am excited that members of Congress are working to enact a proven solution to the pay-to-play system.

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