Crash the Parties at the Conventions!

It’s almost party time in Denver and the Twin Cities!  We need help crashing the lavish parties being thrown by lobbyists and special interests to get cozy with our representatives.

There are dozens of events at the conventions sponsored by deep-pocketed special interests seeking to influence our elected officials.  Ordinary voters like you and me were not invited.  But our members of Congress and other reps work for us! We should have at least the same opportunities to be heard as the big convention contributors.

Join Public Citizen, the Sunlight Foundation and other concerned citizens in crashing these parties to tell our reps that it’s time to put voters first!

Check out the parties in Denver here or in the Twin Cities here on Party Time, a project sponsored by our partners at the Sunlight Foundation. 

Fill out the form below!  We’ll put you in touch with other party crashers and our friends coordinating at the conventions. 

Can’t make it to Denver?  You can still take action. We've got lots of resources for you on - including a toolkit for throwing your own Voters First Party!

Let’s put an end to the corporate buyout of our nominating conventions and our government!

I want to crash the parties in

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