Operation Accountability & Financial Security

Greedy hustlers on Wall Street gambled our money away. Now honest, hard-working Americans on Main Street are losing their savings, their pensions, their jobs, their businesses, and even their homes. All because the people and policies meant to regulate the financial services industry were systematically disempowered and dismantled through powerful lobbying campaigns and big political contributions.

Even now, as they help themselves to literally hundreds of billions of dollars of our money, the banks, mortgage companies, credit card providers, and investment firms who blindly drove our economy off a cliff are lobbying as hard as ever against any reform. It seems that all they want to do if they survive this crash is head right for another cliff!

Let’s take the wheel! Team up with millions of other Americans in Public Citizen and the new Americans for Financial Reform campaign to loudly and proudly call for the federal government to put consumers and workers first!

Join us! Sign our petition to restore transparency, oversight, and fairness to the financial marketplace. Together, we can make the economy work for everyone again.

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I join with Public Citizen and the Americans for Financial Reform campaign to call on Congress and President Obama to take bold action to protect consumers and workers. The economy must be made safe and sound using these principles:

Transparency. It’s time to end the shadow markets and the pay to play politics of the financial industry. The financial markets and regulatory agencies must operate openly and independently of each other to ensure the safety and soundness of the system. Americans need better information for their financial decisions.

Oversight. Big financial firms should no longer choose their regulators. We need watchdogs dedicated to consumer protection looking at the whole system and monitoring all financial products. International institutions, from trade pacts to development banks and others, should provide a regulatory floor, not impose a regulatory ceiling.

Accountability. We need a thorough, public investigation into the root causes of the financial crisis. And then we must hold those responsible for exposing us to excessive risk accountable.

Only by taking these steps can we restore the public’s shattered confidence in the fairness of the financial marketplace and establish a safe, healthy, and productive economy.

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