Tell the Senate to Go Digital

All candidates need to file campaign finance forms showing who their donors are and how much they give. For years candidates for the presidency and the House of Representatives have given voters more access to their campaign information by filing their forms electronically – but candidates for the Senate have not.

The “Senate Campaign Disclosure Parity Act” (S. 482) would finally provide electronic filing for Senate candidates. It has strong support from both parties, but Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS.) is playing politics by blocking the bill from moving forward – no doubt wearing his hat as chairman and fundraiser-in-chief for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. While he claims to support the bill, he is trying to kill it by attaching an irrelevant amendment that would force nonprofit organizations to expose their members and donors when they file ethics complaints against senators. This tactic has been used in the past to intimidate and is clearly unconstitutional.

Before the bill can move forward, we need to show that there is strong support for the bill and that we can defeat the poison-pill Roberts Amendment.

We need you and your friends to call your senators to pass the “Senate Campaign Disclosure Parity Act” and to get a straight answer about their stance on the unconstitutional Roberts Amendment. Please take a minute to call them both now:


Let us know where your senators stand on the unconstitutional Roberts Amendment. Thanks!

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June 02, 2020



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