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A corporate titan in a steam roller ready to crush the Capitol.

It’s no secret that powerful multinational corporations are fighting progressive reforms in Washington on health care, the environment, energy, economic recovery and other crucial issues. By mobilizing their vast resources, they are able to thwart real public interest reforms in their insatiable quest for ever-expanding Wall Street profits.

Think this problem can’t get any worse? It can.

Soon, the Supreme Court could strike down a century of modest limits on corporate influence in politics, allowing unlimited corporate money into our elections. On September 9, the Supreme Court heard the case, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, and a decision is expected before the end of the year.

A bad decision by the Supreme Court would open up the floodgates to corporate money in politics. Progressive efforts that corporations oppose could be rolled over by their immense amounts of cash. Voters would be effectively shut out of the political process.

IF a bad decision is made, we have to show that the public will not stand for increased corporate influence in politics. Corporations don’t vote, and they shouldn’t be permitted to spend limitless amounts of money to influence election outcomes. Don’t let our elections and progress get rolled by corporate power!

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Pledge to protest if the Supreme Court allows more corporate influence in our elections! We are planning a protest to have a big impact that most people will be able to do wherever they are when the decision is handed down. In the meantime, check out our other protest suggestions and find out about the actions that took place around the country on September 9 on our blog, CitzenVox.org. Please comment below and send photos and video links to action@citizen.org.

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Number Date Name Share how you plan to protest!
7510 July 26, 2016 js73w1tpna zykvc5fia5 <a href="http://1qsu6jq9uqfm.com">95ynohd68m</a>
<a href="http://jx4oros0.com">y3u84jgka5</a>
<a href="http://ehboumatcjplwzhe9.com">u5gx2wqc2u</a>
7509 April 19, 2014 Since a I'm disabled & flat broke askIcan think of to do is call,write, email, Twitter my outrage at JohnRoberts action of treason. TheHouse ofReps havethe Constitutional obligation to impeach justices of they break the oath . This idiot sell out has. If you have any ideas let me know
7508 April 04, 2014 shane phillips
7507 February 05, 2014 Dear Supreme Court, America is a country "... for the people..." and "...by the people...". Please don't give it to corporation or allow rich people to have a greater voice than non-rich people. We all deserve equal access when running for elected office, regardless of how much money we have. Don't make the playing field more uneven than it already is. Thank you, A Concerned Public Citizen
7506 January 16, 2014 joy hertz Speaking to people allerts them to what is wrong and why it needs to be changed. We should raise up candidates for public offices and allert people why they need to get rid of bad leaders.
7505 January 10, 2014
7504 December 31, 2013 Anonymous I drive for a medicaid transportation company and hear first hand from poor people on what the government is taking from them. I have had some passengers that have had to choose between necessary medicine to live and food. they have had food stamp cuts. there has been a few that even sold their car to be able to pay their bills. Iwould like to know if there is anyone in springfield mo area that could help me to protest.
7503 December 31, 2013 Anonymous I drive for a medicaid transportation company. I have heard stories from the people I take to Doctor's appt. about what these people have had to give up, their cars or medicine or food I would like to know what i can do to help you.
7502 December 29, 2013 Tina Huang I"ll post on social media and invite as many people as I can!
7501 December 04, 2013 I am joining, thinking about what to do and recruiting people, talking to our future people about it.
7500 November 28, 2013 Damore West Putting up posters all over my community to raise awareness and join local action commities
7499 November 28, 2013 Damore West
7498 November 04, 2013 Roger Peterson I have been an advocate for decades to bring to light the dangers of household chemicals and the fact that companies like Proctor&Gamble and their minions are in the pockets of our government. I can show you product after product that are listed as insecticides by the EPA and are proven to be carcinogenic and yet congress does nothing about it when our children and loved ones die everyday from things like toothpaste...Example---It's illegal to put formaldehyde in construction materials, but yet it's legal to put into toothpaste. That's only one example! My name is Roger D. Peterson. I'm from Baileyville Maine and I'm an advocate for the protection of citizens against poisoning our children!

7497 October 31, 2013 Anonymous need organized guidance. will do whatever it takes to take back the peoples democracy
7496 July 27, 2013 william davis youtube videos shining a exsposing light on corporations maniputaing government standardsand codes to allowbig business to build a 100 foot tall cell tower in hazard filled area
7495 July 26, 2013 richard cheslik internet
7494 June 08, 2013 Yeiney Luna I plan to join this revolution!
7493 June 08, 2013 Yeiney Luna I will educate anyone I encounter in the movement. Call, demand, all members of congress to fight back. We need to occupy Congress and cut out all diplomacy non-sence. A revoluntion needs to start. We need to go to the extreme and prohibit any wall street contributions to Political campains. We need to start demanding that all media tell the American public the truth!
We need to Occupy the Economy, the Media, and all that Wall street has stolen from us! We need to demand the arrest and trial for all those criminals on Wall Street and demand that not only they pay us our money but that they pay it back with interest!
7492 May 27, 2013 Preferably a revolution but I'll help anyway necessary. FDR would be appalled if he were alive today. Save our country before a revolution becomes our only option left!
7491 May 26, 2013
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7488 May 05, 2013 I dont have any ideas but will protest. I'm in Atlanta.
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