Operation Accountability: Send Bank of America CEO
Kenneth Lewis a Pink Slip!
Help us reach our goal of 100,000 signatures!

Public Citizen has decided it's time to put a stop to extravagant corporate spending with Operation Accountability!

Our first step in this campaign is Kenneth Lewis, CEO of Bank of America. His company required $45 billion in bailout funds to avoid a collapse. Yet, ABC news reported that his company spent about $10 million for a five-day sponsored event outside the Super Bowl.

This is just one example of wasted taxpayer dollars.

Will you join Public Citizen in taking action? We need you to tell Kenneth Lewis that he deserves a pink slip for this latest wave of irresponsible spending.

Our goal is to gather 100,000 signatures that we can send to Bank of America's headquarters.

Before one more penny of taxpayer money is spent, we need to be sure that the CEOs like Lewis are out of the picture and that financial institutions start taking some accountability for their actions.

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